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Dessert Club

Some friends and I, we have a Dessert Club.  Here's how it works.

About once a month, on a weeknight, after the kids are in bed, we gather.  Everyone brings a dish on the chosen theme.   We taste, we discuss, we chat, we vote. The evening's favorite gets a little prize. The rest of the goodies get divided up onto take-home plates for hungry husbands, kids, roommates, neighbors, missionaries or for breakfast.  I usually blog about it.

We've been going strong for almost two years now, so DC has earned its own page.  We've had some members drop out or move, and a few carefully selected ones join, but most of us have been in from the start.  It started out all about the desserts.  And while we are still meticulous in our execution and presentation, and usually out to win, it's not just about the desserts anymore.  For most of us, it's about having something that is just for us, a safe haven of friends to relax and bond with over a shared passion.  Here's what we've done so far:

Ingredient Exchange (January)
Literature (February)
Cheese (March)
Ode to Dessert Club (March)
American Regions (April)
Tropical (May)
Toppings (June)
Summer Fruits III (July)
Ice Cream (August)
International: Continents (September)

Lit Night, February 2013

"Gadgets" (January)
Candy (February)
Muffins, Buns, Rolls, and Scones (March)
Cakes (April)
Colors (May)
Frozen II (June) 
Summer Fruits II (July) 
Secret Ingredient (August) 
Herbs & Spices (September) 
Pies & Tarts (October)
International II (Nov/December)

The delectable spread at Cake night

Breads & Spreads (January)
International (March)
Cupcakes (April)
"Mother" (May)
Frozen (June)
9 by 13 (June)
Summer Fruits (July)
Secret Exchange (August)
Virtual Goody Plate (September)
Pies & Tarts (October)
Cookies & Bars (Nov/December)

Special guest - my brother Dave at Pies & Tarts night
New Recipe (September) 
Harvest (October)
Cookies (Nov/December)

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