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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dessert Club - "Breads & Spreads"

After getting snowed out in January, we finally got Dessert Club back together last week for "Breads & Spreads" night. It was quite the spread - ha! I tell you, these ladies are geniuses!

We had:

Coconut Bread

Maple Vanilla Bread Pudding

Heffen Kranz

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Easy Challah

Chocolate Hazelnut Bread with Nutella drizzle (yours truly)
Sweet Challah Bread with Whipped Orange Honey Butter

Irish Spelt Bread...and also a Sweet Chili Cornbread with Agave Jalapeno Glaze that arrived after I'd taken the pictures.

And KP made an Apple-Pear Coffee Cake using brioche bread dough. Since it was my birthday they stuck some candles on it and sang to me. They couldn't find a #6 candle so they did 34, plus sign in whipped cream, 2. Nothing stops these women.And for my birthday they also each showed up with a helium balloon attached to a favorite recipe. Meal planning for next week is DONE, baby. Happy Birthday to me.

We ate, we gabbed, we debated, we voted. As usual, there was a tie so we voted again. And the winner may surprise you, at least on looks alone. We adored the Irish Spelt Bread, with a little regular butter spread on. JB won this dough rising bucket, and took it home to her husband, who does the bread baking in the family.

But all the breads were good. And Dessert Club aside, the last three or four good things I've made have been bread, so I declare BREAD WEEK to get them all posted and give you some real warm homey goodness this drab winter. Really, this is going to be a phenomenal week. I will be posting some truly outstanding recipes, and believe it or not, only one is in the bread machine. So check back tomorrow, and every day this week - it's BREAD WEEK!


JillEE said...

how does one get invited to this mysterious "dessert club?" or to the leftovers after-party? :-)

is it possible for one room to have too much yumminess?!

Lara said...

Ditto what JillEE said...

I'd really like to pick your brain about this dessert club. It sounds like fun!

Shells said...

These all look awesome - I am looking forward to Bread week!

Jenifuz said...

So excited for Bread week!!! I think it's one of my favorite things to make! :) said...

Coo, I wish I belonged to some cooking/baking club as well so that I could enjoy all of the goodies. These ones look really yummy...

kat said...

i'm excited for bread week. my experiments have NOT been so successful lately.

talk to me about crashing bread: too much rise? too low of temperature in the oven? SOLVE MY PROBLEMS YET AGAIN! :)

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