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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dessert Club - "Gadgets"

 Ooh la la!  Look at what my new camera can do!  And if you can't tell a big difference, I will tell for you: there is one.  But I know, you're just here for the food.

It seems like FOREVER since our last Dessert Club!!!  This time we met to share all the creations we made with our gadgets from the November white elephant exchange.  I have to say, I think this was one of the finest spreads we've ever had. 

As we noshed, someone suggested we have all really elevated our desserts over the last year-plus that we've been in Dessert Club.  I agree; I think we've mutually upped the ante, and there is only good to be gained from it.  After two votes, we did manage to come up with a winner, but with two very close runners-up, and only to the consternation of those that think we should do away with the vote-and-prize, it being so subjective.  I shot that down, mostly because I think it's fun to shop for the prize, and also because it makes someone's night special.  But I don't know; would Dessert Club be as fun without a vote?  We'll have to ponder that; in the meantime, check out what we made!

Frozen Pistachio Tarts (mine)
Gadget: Mini Tart Pans

Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Gadget: Salad Shooter (well, she wasn't at the exchange but she got a salad shooter for Christmas so decided to use it)

"Subway Cookies" (you know, the yummy chocolate-white-chocolate-chip ones you get at Subway)
Gadget: Silpat

Orange-Ginger-Carrot Donuts with White Chocolate Icing
Gadget: Donut pan

Chocolate Mint Torte (AMAZING!!!)
Gadget: herb shears (of all the...)

Cranberry Lime Scones (yes, those ones!)
Gadget: zester

Governor's Mansion Cookies
(no gadget - she wasn't at the exchange...all the better because then she could make just whatever she wanted and these cookies were AWESOME!)

Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Filling and Fresh Blackberry Frosting
Gadget: cupcake corer & filler

Lace Cookies (one of my favorites!)
Gadget: silpat

And the winner was...
Key Lime Pie Cupcakes!
Gadget(s): cupcake corer and muffin pan sponge
 (I gave that gift.  I got myself a muffin pan sponge as well, and it is the bomb.  Especially in conjunction with the best muffin pan on earth, which I also got myself as a little treat after Christmas.  But I need another.  I digress.)

 I've fallen behind a bit on my posts but you definitely definitely need some, if not all, of these recipes.  So I will get on that.  It's birthday season around here so I'm just kind of trying to keep up with life right now. 
But there's always time...and room...for dessert.


Katie said...

WOW! Looks like an impressive night. I miss DC and all of you guys! I really need to start one up here in Denver, but it's intimidating, since I don't have the kitchen set-up to host it, like you do!

Shells said...

It all looks yummy. My gold touch bundt pan has been FANTASTIC. Perfect crumb and easy release everytime. Glad to hear the muffin pan is good too.

Cat M Johnson said...

I love dessert club! The treats are always delectable, and the company always jovial.

Leslie said...

Wait...why wasn't I invited???? Looks like a scrumptious party!

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