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Monday, October 31, 2011

Dessert Club: Pies & Tarts

 We were really on the ball this year and decided October Dessert Club would be our chance to test drive all our new Thanksgiving pie ideas.  I especially appreciated it because last year I put a lot of work into two pies and neither of them turned out well. NOT THIS YEAR!!!

It also won't surprise you, especially after looking at the picture, that my brother Dave was a special guest at this meeting. Dave LOVES pie and we spent at least three late-night facetime convos this month discussing and poring over recipes in preparation for this night.

We had an amazing spread.  Dave was in heaven, calling it "the best Thanksgiving EVER" (who needs all that turkey stuff?).  And while there was a winner, there were at least 4 runners-up so it was very close.  I will be posting the winning recipe, the ones I made, and maybe some others so let me know if you want one in particular.  November is the month to get your pie game ON!

Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart

Garden Apple-Raspberry Pie with Gruyere Cheese Crust

Chocolate-Cashew-Pecan Pie

Lemon Cream Cheese Tart

Caramel Apple Pie with Praline Crunch

Grapefruit Meringue Pie 

Cranberry Cream Pie

Derby Pie
(a Kari & Dave collaboration and my favorite of the evening)

Raspberry-Pear Pie 

....and the winner of the evening....
(just look at that crust!)

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