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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dessert Club - Virtual Goody Plate

In a way, this is a blog post about this blog. Or, as one Dessert Club member said, "It's like a competition of Kari against Kari." Kinda sounds bad when you put it like that, but to celebrate Dessert Club's 1-year birthday we chose my blog as our theme. Which guaranteed I would like everything. It was a pretty good night.

An improvisational fusion of Fresh Lime Chiffon Cake and Coconut Key Lime Pie

And of course you already know I made Devil's Food Cake with Boiled Black Pepper Icing. It was DIVINE (I love my torch) - the icing very marshmallowy, and yes, a bit peppery, the cake to die for. Actually the cake Bon Appetit provided fell apart so I saved it in the freezer for cake pops someday, and made my signature devil's food cake layers that I know always turn out well. Then I made the chocolate cream filling and boiled icing according to directions and it was wonderful...and SO FUN. And it WON the Dessert Club vote!

But. I did not get the prize because I was providing it and didn't need it - a collection of some of my favorite harder-to-find ingredients (cocoa nibs, cinnamon chips, vanilla sugar and lemon juice powder.) So we went to second place. Which was OF COURSE a tie, between:

Peppermint Cream Bars with White Chocolate Ganache
and Lemon Ginger Bars
...which is like comparing apples and oranges. We took a second vote, myself abstaining so there would be an odd number, and the lemon ginger bars won. They are SO GOOD. But talk about splitting hairs. The peppermint bars are also amazing. There was much ooh-ing and aah-ing over both of them, with pledges to make them for many Christmas give-away (or keep) plates this year. So yeah, it was a really fantastic night, catered perfectly to my palate.

Did you want a few more pics of my cake? Thought so.
(How do you like my cakestand? I got in on eBay awhile back...wish I'd thought to do that before vintage hobnail came back in style, though.)

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