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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dessert Club - "Harvest"

This month, Dessert Club's theme was "Harvest", which kept things seasonal but also allowed for a variety of yumminess. Unfortunately there were a number of last minute dropouts due to illness and conflicts, but nine of us managed to gather, goodies in hand, for a marvelous night of autumnal sweetness.

Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle

Jack Daniels Pecan Pie (It has chocolate in it, oh yeah!)
Braided Raspberry-Apple Almond Cream Pastry
(It took all day...and it shows. Gorgeous!)

Caramel Apple Upside-down Corn Cake

Harvest Sweet Bruschetta (oh, that marscipone cheese!)

Chocolate Applesauce Spiced Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting
(the winner of the evening...I could not stop licking the frosting!)

Pumpkin Cake Roll

Cran-Apple Pecan Ribbons with Caramel Goodness
(inspired by the VGP's very own Raspberry Ribbons!)

Apple and Sour Cream Coffee Cake
(which I made - it was good but not the BEST EVER)
We chose our next meeting date, and theme. It's a busy season so we will not meet again until December, but it definitely, DEFINITELY promises to be another night full of sugar and cheer, just like tonight was.

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