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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dessert Club - Frrrozen!

 We've had a nice couple of weather days here, in the 80's with low humidity.  But tomorrow it's supposed to start cranking up again to that serious southern heat natives and transplants alike dread so much.  Excellent timing to post D.C.'s Frozen Night.

 As usual, we found the possibilities endless, and, in an effort to seriously up my own game, I even tested some recipes in preparation.  You will see, none of us were disappointed.

Maple Bacon Pops

Butterbeer Ice Cream Sandwiches

Berry Ice Cream Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream

Ice Cream Crunch Bars

Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pie on a Stick 
(even better than it sounds!!!)

Almost-Famous Chocolate Mousse Cake 

Torrone Semifreddo

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry-Ginger Popsicles with Lemon Mousse Stripes

...and the winner of the evening, a molded confection of mango, coconut, blackberry, and blood orange...
Tropical Mosaic...

 ...with Homemade Magic Shell!

 We just never seem to fail to outdo ourselves.  I have to admit to being disappointed for not winning - I really loved both of my creations.  But am I surprised?  Everything, as always, was so delicious, exciting, and most importantly, COLD, that, as always, it was hard to choose.

 Here's my plate.  Unfortunately, take-home husband plates are hard to manage when we do Frozen Night, and believe me, I heard about it from several husbands, before and after.  One of them even has an internal clock that resets itself so whenever I see him he tells me how many days until the next Dessert Club.  Luckily for them, though sadly for us, Frozen Night only comes once a year.

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