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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top Ten Holiday Cookies (from the archives)

Hey, there. You know what today is, right? My nephew Thompson's 18th birthday.'s the first day of December! Cookie month!!!

Bear with me. The last two years I posted a goody every single day during the month of December. There are just so many good ones and you need them the most in December! So we'll see. I'll do my best and there will definitely be a lot of new and seriously awesome treats this month.

In the meantime, I've been looking back through my archives and I have 73 cookie recipes on here. Most of which were made or posted in December. So I went through and picked out my very favorite holiday treats. Here's the best I've got. Just a little something to get your season started.

2 comments: said...

Can wait for the cookie postings :-)

Lara said...

Hi Kari!
It was good to meet you today. My daughter and I talked all the way to her geometry class about trying your idea of posting every day in December. We're going to do goodies of all sorts, instead of just cookies, but we are so excited. Thanks for the inspiration! We're adding a few of your recipes to our to-try list for sure. We'll definitely give you credit for the great idea.

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