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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Going Bananas!

This is my lame attempt at being cute and punny. For our family this is recovering-from-May-travels week. It's closing-on-the-new-house week. It's moving-little-by-little week. And a few other things are going on, none of which are my regular baking sessions.

But I anticipated this and have prepared well. In honor of the chaos in my head and in my life, it's Going Bananas Week here on the VGP. Each day this week you'll find a new banana recipe that is provenly scrumptious, but hopefully different from your regular rotation of over-ripe recipes.

For one, each day will have a different kind of treat. A cookie one day, a muffin the next, etc. This is not seven days of banana bread, though that would be fun another time. Also, I don't always have the same number of brown bananas at a time - sometimes just one, another time four - so I've tried to give you a variety in the amount of bananas called for so you can pick a recipe that matches the bruised contents of your fruit bowl.

This week isn't comprehensive, just a sampling. I refer you to my previous banana recipes as also worth trying, and will later post the others I tried for this week but didn't include.

So tune in tomorrow for the first day of Going Bananas!

1 comment:

tona said...

This will be great. But I have one major problem with recipes that call for over-ripe bananas. I never have any. My kids eat all the bananas I can buy (usually within the first day) and it's been months since I had a brown banana at my house. Maybe in honor of this week I will buy a bunch of bananas and hide them in my closet.

Note to self: remind me to check my closet in about a week.

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