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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swiss Bakery

The Swiss Bakery is almost exactly halfway between my house and my Mom's, just a block off the beltway on Braddock Road. Which makes it very convenient to drop in for a little something on our way to or from Grandma's. Of course, the hardest part is choosing what. If it's morning, we might get one of these pastries, like their seriously delicious cherry strudel, or a hazelnut croissant. And an artisan bread loaf or baguette for later. Last time I got this schogge brote or something like that - "chocolate bread" - it kinda had my name written all over it in sugar on top even though my spelling is Norwegian.

The girls always choose something out of this case - usually a heavily frosted cookie they start but never finish. Last time Ginger went classic and got the yellow smiley face.
If it is later in the day I might peruse this case of French pastries. I am usually a sucker for creme brulee or eclairs (theirs are EXCELLENT) but am also curious about this pear chocolate mousse.
The shop is large and roomy, with several displays of specialty Swiss foods, a wall of wine and cheese, and a counter that serves salads and sandwiches (we've never tried lunch there but it looks promising.) (Love this picture of Ginger trying to keep Poppy from grabbing all the Swiss chocolate bars within reach while their deadbeat Mom takes pictures with her iPhone.)

And on our most recent visit I just noticed this gorgeous big case of ice creams and sorbets! Flavors like Green Apple & Kiwi Sorbet, Summer Sangria Sorbet, and Candied Ginger Ice Cream. Drooly drool.
So next time you're rounding the beltway and crave a little something Euro, it's worth the stop. Or if you just need a destination off the beaten path of parks and playplaces. Or don't feel like making your own breakfast or lunch. Or cake. Pretty much the Swiss Bakery has it all. (Call me, I'll meet you there!)

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