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Saturday, December 31, 2011

VGP Bloopers 2011

Time for the year-end total-flop report.  I keep them all in a folder throughout the year, waiting to be confessed...purged...on December 31 so I can hopefully start a new year with fresh optimism and more realistic ambition.  We'll see about that.  

As I went through the reject folder, I realized there were actually too many to post - twenty-five, to be exact - so here are just some bad highlights.

Fluffernutter Muffins - I truly wanted to like them, but just...uh-uh.

Skillet apple pie - so pretty, but so overly sweet!

Salted Caramel Brownies...not BAD, just 1) not caramel like the name promised, and 2) not special enough to get posted.

White chocolate apricot muffins...water, water, I need water!  Dry and hard.

Orange pecan French toast - I can't remember why this wasn't good, but it was in the folder

Caramel apple was a nice idea to put caramel in there...until I had to wrestle them out of the tin - you should have seen the back of this one!

Mini ginger almond cheesecakes.  The filling was awesome so I may try these again...but the rock-hard, break-your-teeth crust needs work.

"Fresh Strawberry Bars", or so the recipe said.  Really, it's peanut butter bars soaked with drippy strawberry syrup/jam that becomes a soggy mess within 10 minutes.  No thanks.

Coca-cola biscuits.  I really, really wanted to like these.  Even after I made them, I waffled whether to post or file.  In the end, they were just too weird and I couldn't stretch my palate to call them "good." 
So there's a sampling.  Honestly, there's no promise 2012 will be any better.  I think my recipe-picking (and execution) skills have improved, but only an increment.  However, I have most of the January line-up figured out, so I think we'll be off to a pretty good start!  Happy New Year!


Leslie said...

Love the bloopers! I should have saved some of mine!!

Noodles said...

Love it! I always feel like I am the only one who has failures. Nice to see that even someone with so many yummy looking treats has a few flops too.

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