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Saturday, February 7, 2009

DM Takes on the Baking Cupboard

I rarely deep clean or organize anything. I'm a horrible housekeeper and obviously not bothered enough by it to change more than once a quarter or so. But on occasion I can take on a small project: a pile, a corner, a surface that can be fixed up quick and make me feel all satisfied and accomplished.

The other night while dinner was cooking and random items had fallen out of the baking cupboard onto me for the third time while I put the salt away, I decided to organize it. As you can imagine, it is my most-used cupboard and therefore, becomes a mess the most easily. But it's also only three shelves; doable.

Pulled out the bags of nuts, the jars of sprinkles, the extracts. Baking soda, powder, salt, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, baking bars, dried fruit, coconut, shortening, paper muffin liners, corn meal, oatmeal. Ran upstairs to the stash of organize-y small baskets under my computer desk from my last big organizational project, and grabbed a few. Checked on dinner, combined the three half-full bags of chopped pecans. Stacked nuts in one basket, extracts along one side. Bars here, chocolate chips there.

Voila! The Baking Cupboard, organized:
So while my laundry room,
and the rest of my house, and life, look like this:I can now make chocolate chip cookies blindfolded.

And isn't that what really matters?


April Ellis said...

I did that this morning. My dishwasher is broken (sob sob) and being a horrible housekeeper I let the dishes pile up. Well this morning I did it all and cleaned the work surface. I felt great, what an achievement! I just ignored the other side of the kitchen which had obviously been the scene of a horrific vegetable massacre!

Have a great day XXX April

KRISTIN said...

Oh, Kari, what i would give for even an insanely messy laundry room(not that yours is insanely messy)! I'm just so jealous that you can wash clothes whenever you choose.
PS. Shirley and I were talking about you at playgroup this week. You are totally missed.

Disco Mom said...

Kristin -
Yeah, I do take secret pleasure in the luxury of having a messy laundry room, only because I know what a luxury it is. Even though some of that crap is our landlord's, I am NOT complaining!

We miss you guys, too. We will have to come back to visit playgroup and get everyone's updates :)

Disco Mom said...

Oh, and more on the laundry room. I think I appreciated it most when both girls had the stomach flu last weekend and there were piles of puked-on bedding and clothes to wash. I remember having that situation in New York with the coin-op laundry room and how painfully unpleasant that was.

kat said...

glad to hear i'm not the only one swimming in puke.

i cleaned off my kitchen counters - took everything off and CLEANED the counter and then cleaned the stuff that was on them. it was amazing. i even threw stuff out. and they haven't totally reverted back to their original chaos yet.

Springer Family said...

I LOVE that you posted a picture of your mess. Makes me feel normal when I look at mine. :)

Disco Mom said...

I think it's because of my realization that other people's awesomeness, observed through their blogs, sometimes makes me feel bad. So maybe the reverse can be true - displaying my lameness can make people feel good! Happy to do it.

Brooklyn said...

Thank you for being so really makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one living in chaos.

Nells-Bells said...

i am comforted knowing i am not alone in my messy, horrible housekeeping methods. honestly, it is a chore for me to even WANT to fold clothes. urgh!

MiaKatia said...

Yes, baking cookies blindfolded is all that matters!!! And speaking of laundry rooms... I need to go put the clothes in the dryer or the kiddos will be neked at school tomorrow.

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