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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Easy Dipped Marshmallows and Oreo Truffles

It all started with the Sister missionaries. They're young 20-something women who are serving as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One day in October, Sister Hahn and Sister Lau showed up with a baggy of something yummy for me. They knew about my baking obsession, and had dropped by on more than one afternoon to find me up to my elbows in flour and dough, always leaving with a plate full of something. Sister Hahn shared my sweet tooth and told me about a few favorites they make in her family.
On this particular afternoon, she had brought me some dipped marshmallows. But they were more than just dipped. They were dipped in caramel (use caramel dip for apples, usually found near the produce section; soften a few seconds in microwave if necessary), then white chocolate (use the good stuff like Ghiradelli), then rolled in cinnamon sugar. They looked totally cool. And they tasted amazing - more than the sum of their parts - something I cannot explain in words and you have to just try for yourself. Then she told me about another family favorite - Oreo truffles - and I knew what I had to do.
I made an appointment with the Sisters. I wanted them to come over and dip stuff with me. I asked them to call it service (part of their required 4 hours a week.) I melted and crushed before their arrival. And when they came it was a sugarfest free-for-all. Marshmallows were dipped as described above as well as in chocolate, white chocolate, pistachios, crushed candy, and sprinkles. Kraft caramels got the treatment as well.
Oreo Truffles are made as follows: Crush a bunch of Oreos and soften some cream cheese. Proportion is 1 block of cream cheese to 1 bag of Oreos (we did half of each.) Stir and mix together. Roll into bite-size balls, place on cookie sheet, and chill in the freezer. When nice and hard, dip into dark or white chocolate, using a fork. Chill again in the fridge until ready to serve. Totally rich and YUM!Thank you, Sisters!


Marna said...

I love oreo cookie balls. They are one of my standard holiday give aways. They are so easy to make and super yummy! I am going to have to try the dipped marshmallows. They look fabulous!

Maren said...

Oh man. I'm dying! Yum. Next time you do something like that at least call me to clean up!

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