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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lingonberry Milkshake and Giveaway!

Lingonberries are like little cranberries that grow on bushes in Scandinavia and the Pacific Northwest. If you've ever heard of them, it's probably from the IKEA food market, where they sell lingonberry preserves, syrup, candy, etc. And for my entire life I have been reading and saying them wrong - "lignonberry", pronounced "liNYonberry" - and I'm really annoyed about it because it's just as it's spelled - liNGonberry. Sheesh.

Anyway, my brother Dave told me recently how good lingonberry milkshakes are and I had to try it myself. Luckily I was near an IKEA that week so I picked up a couple jars of lingonberry preserves and gave it a go.
As usual, Dave was not lying. Yum. Originally lingonberries are pretty tart, but put them in jam with a bunch of sugar, then put the jam in milkshakes with lots of ice cream and you've got a downright sweet and super fruity treat! The girls and I had these "with" (= "for") lunch yesterday. Mmmm....

Lingonberry Milkshake
Per serving:
About 5 scoops vanilla ice cream
About 3 to 4 T lingonberry preserves
Enough milk to make it mix smoothly

Mix in blender and serve.
Now, obviously not everyone has access to lingonberry preserves because IKEA has dropped the ball on world domination, but do not despair! I got an extra jar for you.
Giveaway Conditions:
  • You must live at least 30 miles from the nearest IKEA. If you're closer than that, you can go get your own.
  • Continental U.S. only - it's heavy!
  • If you win, you must promise to leave a comment the next 100 times you visit The VGP. I'm serious.
  • Leave a comment to this post saying you want in on the action, and if I don't know you, city/state where you live and an EMAIL address where I can contact you.
  • Entries close at 6pm EST Tuesday, August 18 and winner will be announced the next day or whenever I get around to it.
Good luck!


kat said...

excellent! you rock, as usual.

dave said...

Glad you liked them! I do not qualify for this competition but that's OK because the last time I was at IKEA I got 4 jars of preserve for precisely this purpose (although it turns out to be really good on toast, too)

Shanda said...

yum! Pick me! Pick me!

Rachel said...

Hi Kari how the heck are you? We're in Sahuarita AZ now, Davey works as a therapist at a Boys Ranch for troubled teens. He loves it and I'm adjusting. I miss NYC like crazy. Quite a surprise, really. Sign me up, 100 comments is a lot for me, but if I win I'm committed.

Marna said...

I love all or your goodies. I just wish I had time to make them all.

Kelsey Carreon said...

I love the lingon berry perserves and mine just ran out.... unfortunately Sacramento IKEA is 2 1/2 hours away so i can' just run down and get some...

I put it on pop overs... mmmmm soo good! I will have to try the shake... yum yum yum..

BTW you are killing me with all the goodies you are posting... darn atkins!!

Jenifuz said...

I'm posting just because! I've now moved close enough to an IKEA that I don't think I qualify! I'll have to try them out though next time I head that way. I have to avoid that store though because I could get into BIG trouble there!

Disco Mom said...

Jen, I'm glad you have one close. Everyone should. But I'm impressed if the reason you can't go there doesn't have to do with having FIVE kids!!! I can't even take ONE to that store.

Nells-Bells said...

am i too late?!?! oh please oh please!! IKEA is all the way down in sandy and we hardly get there. these look amazing!!! hopefully i can still be entered. :)

Maren said...

I'm so happy I don't currently qualify!! :)

Anonymous said...

We tried making these last night and they were fantastic. I'm glad to have something to do with these things besides just eating them with meatballs.

-Nate S.

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