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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We get together with my Mom about once a week. Sometimes we just hang out at her house or ours and sometimes we go on a field trip. Last week we visited Fran's Cake and Candy store in Fairfax, because, you know, I needed stuff. Fran needs a sign outside, and maybe a better website, but other than that she's got the goods.
I've never delved into commercial tiered cake-making, or mass bulk candy molding, but if I ever wanted to, Fran's got my back. There were cake pans and cookie cutters of every shape and size.

Need colored candy melts or flavored pastry filling? Fran is here for you.
Also cake toppings and decorations for every occasion, both edible and not, cookbooks, packaging and boxes, ingredients, tools, you name it.

I walked out with a piping tip and bags (for a filled cupcake recipe I want to try), glucose (for a cookie recipe I have that calls for it but I'd given up on ever finding it), some Easter cookie cutters, muffin papers, birthday candles, some 1-lb. cookie boxes (trying to move away from the paper-plate-and-tin-foil thing - taking suggestions) and a bag of cinnamon baking chips which I had to ask about and she went and scooped me some from her secret stash in back. Here's a picture Hazel took of Fran herself while bagging my stuff:
So I'm a little better stocked now, thanks to Fran, and if I need something else, I know where to find her.


Our family said...

I HAVE to go there!

Marie W said...

I've been there when stocking up for Christmas chocolate making. It is sad to me that there isn't a cake/candy supplier closer, but Fran was fabulous and definitely had the goods.

kat said...

I am in LOVE with boxes for food stuff. I like papermart
for candy gifting boxes. I also like their cellophane bags. The only problem is that the 1/2 lb candy boxes are too big for some folks. Some folks only rate a 1/4 lb of candy. :)

Disco Mom said...

kat - i love your candy boxes. i think it is time for me to invest in proper packaging, but i wish i didn't have to buy a case of 100 of each! i wish i could get like 20 of this, 30 of that. i'm thinking about some gable boxes for giving cookies out, what do you think?

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