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Sunday, March 8, 2009

31 Birthday Cakes

The other night we went to our friend's birthday party. I think 3-year-old girls are possibly the easiest people in the world to shop for because there are so many cute things they'll like. I picked up, and then went back and reshelved, at least four things at Target before seeing my favorite gift: a little chef's set complete with apron, hat, mitt, hot pad and dish towel. I couldn't help it. A bag of cookie mix completed the theme.When we got to the party, I was speechless when I saw the cake her mom had made. Even though I'm fascinated with Ace of Cakes, I am not a decorator. I can frost a cake, and I'll even do sprinkles or chocolate shavings, but I've never done much beyond. I guess I'm pragmatic; it seems a lot of work for something that's just going to be eaten.

But the castle cake inspired me. Shanna said she got it from this website. I still think most of those cakes are more trouble than they're worth, especially since something would go wrong and mine would fall apart or something. But I could do the french fry cake:It reminds me of that hamburger cake I used to gaze at longingly in the Baskin Robbins case. And actually the butterfly and pirate ship cakes are pretty awesome, too, and don't look too tough. I don't know. Hazel's birthday is coming up, we'll see what happens. I have a million cupcake recipes I'm dying to try. But these cakes and this website were just too good not to share.

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Jenifuz said...

you know, the only cakes I do are for my kids birthdays. I really only do it so I can see their faces. They love when their cakes look just like they wanted them to. My only problem is when they ask for a cake that I have no idea how to make!

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