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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lime-Coconut Granita

What is granita? It is a frozen dessert with a coarse/icy texture. Think snow-cone but think sophisticated Italian snow-cone. Think sophisticated Italian dessert that's simple to make, low-fat and totally refreshing in the summer heat.

This one is particularly delicious because it has that heavenly combination of lime and coconut, a theme I promise you will be seeing more of from me this summer. Ice cream machines and popsicle molds are not the only way to make fresh frozen treats. For this one, you just mix the ingredients, heat just enough to dissolve the sugar, then freeze solid in a pan. Anyone, of any culinary skill level, with any size kitchen, can make it. Once frozen, you scrape it with a fork into icy fluff and eat fast before it melts. With something that tastes this good, that shouldn't be a problem.Lime-Coconut Granita
2 1/2 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
1 T grated lime rind
1/2 cup fresh lime juice (about 4-6 limes)
1/2 cup light coconut milk

1. Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook for 3 minutes or until sugar dissolves, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; cool completely.

2. Pour mixture into an 11x7-inch baking dish. Cover and freeze for 8 hours or until firm. Remove mixture from freezer and let stand 10 minutes. Scrape entire mixture with a fork until fluffy. Serve immediately. Makes 8 - 1/2 cup servings
Recipe from Cooking Light, May 2008

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